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Mr. Gonzalez is the inventor, CEO, CSO, and founder of    Re-Synth International. Mechanical engineer, scientist, and mathematician, Mr. Gonzalez has been involved in renewable fuels. He created the first bio-fuel facility in the Caribbean. Since 2011 he has concentrate on developing technologies for fuel enhancement and reduction of emissions. 

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Carlos González
María Cintrón

Mr. Colon, COO of ReSynth International, has over 26 years of experience in corporate structure, real estate development, compliance, oversight and management along with direct operational experience. For the last 6 years, Mr. Colón has co-managed a commodities and opportunity fund. Currently, Mr. Colón is an investor in Resynth International.

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Antonio Colón Semidey

Wanda is a seasoned professional administrative assistant with over 30 years of experience dealing with day to day operations in diverse professional environments.

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Wanda Soler

The Engineering and Chemistry Integrations Director, has twenty three years of experience in chemical and pharmaceutical process engineering, reliability engineering consulting and engineering management. His experiences include API/Pharma product tech. transfer as well as design, construction and qualification of facilities. During the last six years he has been dedicated on the development of Maintenance and Reliability Cultures, Enterprise Facilities Management as well as Chemical and Petrochemical scale up projects.

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Boris Blancovich
Carlos A. González

ReSynth’s LATAM Installations Business Unit Director has thirty years of experience leading Construction, Information and Communications Organizations.    His ability to manage complex organizational networks has been key in the integration of ReSynth IT Systems platform.  Francisco has experience leading IT organizations with local and international networks as well as managing extensive workforce resources.  Francisco is also diverse in infrastructure network development and maintenance management.

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Francisco Marrero
Arlene Oruña
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