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Re-Synth technology is applied to various petrol derivatives.  Diesel fuels like D2 and D4, Residuals like D6 or bunker as well as commonly known Fuel Oil, and even Kerosene known as D2 (“diesel”), D4, D6, Bunker, Fuel Oil and Kerosene have been used by Re-Synth to enhance their heating qualities through our proprietary technology. 


Re-Synth technology focuses on the heating values of these petrol derivatives and the molecular characteristics of water.  Both of these components become relevant though their integration via our proprietary mechanical reactor and the chemistry technology applied.  The result is Water in Fuel emulsion (W/F) ideal for application in various existing technologies like:


  1. Heat Generation / Distribution

  2. Internal Combustion

  3. Solid Dry-Outs


When Re-Synth tech is applied to internal combustion engine fuel, the result is an effective improved fuel that:


  1. maintains lubricity,

  2. maintains the compression ratio with less fuel volume and

  3.  decreases overall emissions during normal operations.

Smoke stack before and after.PNG
bureau table.PNG
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