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Our Mission

To improve the quality and efficiency of hydrocarbon fuels while decreasing their overall carbon footprint as a result of their consumption.

Our Vision

We believe that growth and progress can move forward without compromising the environment, while sustainability technologies reach their full potential.



Re-Synth International’s (RSI) patented and proprietary technologies place your business ahead of the rest. Our implemented technology provides cost benefits derived from fuel efficiency while also decreasing your environmental footprint.


ReSynth patented technologies reduce the cost of clean fuel by eliminating contaminants without producing harmful by-products or changing the viscosity of the fuels. In addition, our technology enhances fuels BTE to reduce consumption by  20-30%.


Fuel Cleaning, Fuel Enhancement, Environmental Compliance, Marine Applications, are some major applications we are engaged in.

Agua Negra


What are emulsions? An emulsion is a stable dispersion of particles from two immiscible substances.  ReSynth uses its chemistry to trap water within fuel by integrating a chemical and a mechanical methodology.


Where is the water from the emulsion fuel? - ReSynth Emulsified fuel has emulsified water in a homogeneous mixture that maintains its fuel properties.  


What is the stability of the emulsified fuel? - ReSynth emulsified fuel maintains its stability from its conception into its consumption.


Can ReSynth fuel add free water to my stored fuel? - ReSynth fuel chemistry can trap free water from the fuel and emulsify it for consumption, therefore protecting the engine from free water damage.


What about corrosion protection? - ReSynth fuel has been samples for the copper strip corrosion test and is compliant with both ASTM and ISO standards.


What about the lubricity of the fuel? - ReSynth fuel maintains a lubricity range within fuel specifications complying with ISO and ASTM standards.


Who uses emulsion applications for engines? Manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Hyundai, MTU, Rolls Royce, MAN, CAT and Wartsila are just some of the largest world manufacturers that have emulsion capable engines in the field, in the market as well as available for sale.


Where is the heat content gain when substituting fuel with water?  The brake thermal efficiency increases about the concentration of water and the effective dispersion of the fuel.The combustion experiences a microexplosion effect in the water that increases the overall heat release rate.



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